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Gel Framed Color Chart Nude and Naturla Collection

It's time to show your customers the options of Nudes and Naturals! 

Our Elegant Display was elaborated is a true piece of art, all tips are clear and the real product is applied it's handcrafted one by one to make sure your customer has the best experience and no surprises. As all INKI PRO products we extensively research, test and improve to achieve the best results and we need to make sure we can reflect the quality of our products whenever you present it to your customers.

Here are some features you can't really find elsewhere:

- Clean and Elegant presentation on white satin Wood.

- Clear and Bigger Tips for better visualization and transparency acuracy

- Plexiglass (Clear Plastic), criystal clear and hard to shatter, safer than glass. Just dust it off and always have a presentable nice display.

- Actual product is used on each sample. (2 coats for gel or 3 dips for 2in1 powder)

- Desktop stand leg AND Wall Hanger.


You can use this display as a piece of decoration and also handle it to the customer, believe me the impact is very noticeable.

Books tend to tear and the tips tend to fall, after a couple of months looks worn and punished, even if your product is quite new it seems your shop is outdated.

Plastic charts are versatille and cheaper but the tips are so fragile and they soon start breaking running around the shops floor. We end up with charts with broken/missing tips which is also terrible.

Frames have shown to be the most durable and classy solution, as long as you dont leave them on direct sunlight, clean and away from acetone.

We encourage you to handle them to your customers and bring a couple more options if you think it fits the situation. 

Displays are many times overlooked but it's another very good tool when used correctly.


Gel Framed Color Chart Nude and Naturla Collection

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • This is part of the NUDE ON NATURAL Collection it display all 24 colors of the collection.

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