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NUDE ON NATURAL Acrylic/Dip Collection 24 Colors Set

It feels incredibly good when the customer wants a nude nail and you have a shelf of 24 different types of nudes and natural colors to choose from. You know there will be a few that will look just awesome on their complexion.

As a Nail Tech struggled for years, I'd always come across situations that I didn't have the right shade of nude and I felt I was wasting all the work from the beggining. Still today I feel so proud to show the color chart and see how happy the customers are when they see it. I can definetly say most of them are surprised and very pleased realizing they came to the right place.

A particularity about Color powders, specially this hybrids that we can use as Acrylic or as Dipping is that the shades will vary a lot depending on how it's applicated. 2 Gentle coats of dipping will be more transparent than 3 coats, the final result depends on how much powder you apply. Acrylic sets can be much darker and opaque, because. it is much thicker than dipping nails, the apex might be less transparent than the edges, still amazingly it will look very natural at the end. Acrylic full sets become naturally ombre not only because we lay the acrylic thinner towards the tip but also because of the very color of the extensions we glue on. 

There are infinite posssibilities to work with this 24 colors collection set. 

We recomend you having the whole set because it has shown necessary specially if your shop has a variety selection of clients.

We also recomend having our UV GEL Nude on Natural collection, they are different colors since different products serve different proposals. They can also be used to adjust further any powder color you use.



For more details please see each colors product page images.

NUDE ON NATURAL Acrylic/Dip Collection 24 Colors Set

$336.00 Regular Price
$240.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • This is the Most complete Collection with all 24 colors.

  • We launched this collection after many many research, testing, adjusting and fine tuning the perfect color for most tones of skins. We believe in all that effort of a whole year to achieve and present proudly our NUDE ON NATURAL COLLECTION.  That's why we are confident to offer a 100% Satisfaction policy on our products. If this product doesn't fit your needs or you are not pleased with it's results we will refund what you have purchased on this website. Please make sure you do it within 14 days of arrival. After this period we only replace defective items. We don't refund costs of shipping and transportation.

    For further assistance on returns please contact us with your login name (or registered email), order number and reason for return (your feedback is important to us)

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