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WS NUDE ON NATURAL UV Gel Collection 24 Colors Set

Finally, a whole collection of Nudes and Natural colors. Essential to give a natural look for all tones of skins. Experienced nail techs many times come across a design or tone of skin that needs a certain type of nude, which is missing and it's a terrible situation. And many unexperienced techs have a few jars/polishes of nudes and use it on every customer, sometimes incurring on shades that doesn't really contribute to the customers skin tone. 

INKI PROs NUDE ON NATURAL COLLECTION is indeed different from may other brands. We used all theses color thoroughly to make sure each shade compliments the skin tone and enhances the beauty by harmonizing with our natural skin pigmentation. This only can be achieved with a complex formulation of the colors, they aren't simply browns, pinks and beiges, you would be surpised of how many pigments are needed to create a simple " nude". That's of course one of our secrets and what makes this products amazing. Often, very often customers are surprised of how pretty their new Nude nails look. Many times they end up not going forward with the design just because they like the way it already looks so much. A natural looking nude nail should never be 100% opaque solid color, by allowing the right amount of transparency you bring all the complexity of the nail bed and the customer skin color to their nails. We also tested many many brands on the market, many fail to deliver the basics, the colors are off, too loud, too primary, too runny, too dry, too little options, too expensive, on and on. It is surprising how even some big brands didn't seem to care that much about their products.

We care a lot about delivering an amazing Nude and Natural nail, we literaly spend thousands of hours developing this collection and we are proud to make it finally available for all professionals that realized they needed more.

The color chart provided in this site is for reference only, the colors change according to the screen and also some colors might seem un-natural to the eyes but give it a try and be surprised by how good the final result will be. 

We do recomend you to have the whole collection. Not only for the Gel but also for the 2in1 Acrylic/Dip powder collection, both collections are different and they weren't created to be matching colors. They can also be used together to correct or achieve the shade you need. 



For more details please see each colors product page description.

WS NUDE ON NATURAL UV Gel Collection 24 Colors Set

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This is the Most complete Collection with all 24 colors.

  • We launched this collection after many many research, testing, adjusting and fine tuning the perfect color for most tones of skins. We believe in all that effort of a whole year to achieve and present proudly our NUDE ON NATURAL COLLECTION.  That's why we are confident to offer a 100% Satisfaction policy on our products. If this product doesn't fit your needs or you are not pleased with it's results we will refund what you have purchased on this website. Please make sure you do it within 14 days of arrival. After this period we only replace defective items. We don't refund costs of shipping and transportation.

    For further assistance on returns please contact us with your login name (or registered email), order number and reason for return (your feedback is important to us)

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