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WS White UV Gel Polish

We are proud to present you our Signature formula White Gel Polish. As Nail techs we all have been to that place where the customer says "I just want white nails". Not simple at all, we tryied countles brands of whites, some whites aren't white, some will show brush trokes, some cover good but cure so bad, some are too thick that we loose the shape and some are too transparent. No more worries, you'll fall in love with this White Gel Polish, smooth and even coverage, great curing and adhesion, and the perfect amount of pigment that you can also use it for designs and french tips. 

* Free tip: Make sure your lamp has enough wattage (35-48W UV Led) and let it cure 45 to 60 secs, make sure the thumbs gets the light, specially on the outter corners, if needed cure the thumbs separatelly so that the light can reach from all angles. Also we recommend lamps with a reflexive base. Since the white color is the most reflective it deserves propper attention during the curing process. If the paint is shrinking its because it's not getting enough UV exposure or the light is too weak.

WS White UV Gel Polish

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 15 ml, UV Gel Polish, Cure under UV Led Lamp 45-60 sec.

    Glossy and Matte finish shown on the picture are illustrative and depend on the top coat you use.

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